Bridgette Buckley|Studio is a Chicago-based design practice centered on the development and production of furniture, lighting and home accessories. 

Founded in 2009 as a platform to bring thoughtful and well-made products to market, the Studio works with outside designers to bring their concepts to realization, and continues to add products to its own in-house line. 

BB|Studio’s client list includes to-the-trade luxury brands and manufacturers that produce residential indoor and outdoor furnishings.

BB|Studio Products

We strive to create products that are beautiful, functional and timeless. By taking clues from domestic ritual and the interplay of natural forms with the built landscape, we develop products that have clear purpose, express economy of materials, and acknowledge an organic sensibility.

Every effort is made to incorporate the most responsible materials available. Where possible, locally harvested hardwoods are used, complete with a certificate of origin. Where textiles are incorporated, re-purposed remnant fabric is typically used.

We hope our products bring quiet, understated beauty to your environment.

Visit our Products page to see what is available.  

About Bridgette

Over the last two decades Bridgette has worked professionally in the fields of architecture, interior architecture, product design and academia, while also maintaining an art practice exploring the intersections of craft, manufacturing, comfort, transience, beauty, and our relationship to inanimate objects.

Bridgette’s extensive studies and work in Scandinavia galvanized her interest in furniture and helped her understand the power of humanistic environments. She continuously draws from the things she learned there, and applies them in a range of design, artistic and teaching practices.


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